Bad Leadership in Nepal -By Somnath Ghimire

प्रकाशित मिति:

Somnath Ghimire, New York,USA We all know that our country, Nepal is poor because of bad leadership and corruption. Most of our leaders have very good intentions (I hope) for Nepal and they state those intentions very clear in their elections’ campaign speeches but once they get to power, they “refuse” to recognize what is happening around them. They become blinded by power and tend to abuse the same very people who put them there. The “I don’t care” attitude comes in once they get to power. Past leaders who were in power did not do it so I am not going to be the first one to do it, and often turn dictators and tend to punish those who criticize them. This is the on-going trend in our country. Is it that we, don’t know how to pick good leaders or Is it that the good leaders we pick don’t do as they promise. Exploitation, Corruption and Domination are the main problems of Bad Leadership in Nepal. I agree that it’s time for bright and educated youths to take over and bring the change in Nepal, New Nepal of 21st century. But our top leaders are really pledging to bring a change in Nepali Politics through opening the doors of politics for the youth, who dare to eradicate corruption from Nepal and there by restoring the dignity of politics? The current nepali politics is engulfed in corruption and confusion. To bring a change, which we need and we can, youth must be given a chance freely without any domination/direction by “old lions” and re-establish the real spirit of democracy. I think “Leadership” is action, not position. We need youth leaders who are willing to question the foundation of ideas and assumptions that many people live with, and are courageous enough to empower those who don’t have hope in themselves or in the country’s future. Our old leaders must empower and enlighten youths and give them the resources and support to make a change in their life. Our youths are losing hope and faith in our country and are going abroad for a “better and easy life” than our own motherland. Our so called “LEADERS” must have faith and the commitment to build our Nepal, a better place to live in atleast freely, securely & peacefully. We want our leaders to be honest, with vision, ability to inspire and competency. A leader with no integrity who stays in power is a representative of a corrupt system that condones wrongdoing at the highest levels. Why do we need to tolerate dishonest leaders?