Save & Support Small Businesses in Queens, New York.

New York: GPK Foundation America participated in a rally organized by "Queens Together" on July 29,2020 from 9 am to 10 am infront of Queens Borough Hall, New York. More than thirty small businesses' owners were in this rally. The

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Our Country Needs A Watch Dog

Sushma Khanal - Not only Nepal but the whole world is passing through a challenging phase due to this pandemic : covid-19. In this Situation our country is hit even more badly because of the political issues along with the

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Psychological Distraction due to Confinement Lockdown

Sharada Acharya Teacher at Buddha Aadarsha Secondary School. Lumbini- Everything was moving on smoothly in the world. Unfortunately, a virus overturned and disordered the each and every moments, destructed the regular routine, compelled the human being to change the daily

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FECOFUN’s buildings can be used as quarantine wards

Kathmandu,  (RSS): In order to minimize possible risks of COVID-19, the Federation of Community Forest Users Nepal (FECOFUN) said its building across the country can be used as quarantine ward as per the need. As many as 1,398 buildings of

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